Here's the gist of it... LEADERSHIP IS NOT ABOUT YOU... it's about relationships. It's about the how, why & what you relate to those you lead. Why? Because, people are NEVER moved by your reason or your vision, people are moved by EMOTIONS! Always, no exception. Learn to relate authentically and with passion and you can move the hearts and minds of those you lead.

My programs are grounded in current scientific research in Leadership and the practice of Mindful Awareness. 

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The first focus is on You - becoming more conscious, reconnected to yourself, present to what motivates your words, behaviours, actions and processing your internal stress response so that you remain focussed and healthy and energised. Your power lies in one simple practice - that of saying Yes to yourself.


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Secondly, we expand your awareness of how you relate to others, becoming more conscious of how you show up, dealing with challenges and developing your power to influence a positive shift in others so that you can bring out the full potential of those you lead.

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Lastly, the focus moves to the bigger picture, your vision; what and why and is it congruent with your values, your freedom and your sense of purpose and how you can create a shared vision that inspires people to come together and work towards a common goal.