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4th-6th May 2019

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Meet Svagito

Svagito is an incredible teacher and therapist who offers a unique approach to Family Constellation; one that is deeply rooted in meditation. His broad experience in trauma therapy, breath-work, primal and many more techniques adds a further depth to the way he works with individuals, always intuitively adapting his approach to meet their needs. What makes him stand out from the crowd is his uncompromising integrity, his direct, razor-sharp clarity and his unshakeable strength to hold space for whatever arises. Together, we create a deep feeling of trust, of being held, of being safe. His genuine compassion and respect for each individual is unfaltering.
— Angela Spink

Are you struggling with depression or anxiety? Is your relationship to your family or partner causing you pain? Or perhaps you have a pattern in your life that you just can't break?

Often, following a constellation, your whole perception changes; you become lighter and more free to create a life you love; Love begins to grow within you; love for yourself, your family and your relationships and a deep respect for life as it unfolds. This is deep healing of your unconscious mind and it has the power to change everything...



About Constellations

We are each affected by unconscious forces that influence our behaviour and our way of relating to ourselves and to others. Conventional therapy attempts to understand these forces from the personal perspective. Family Constellation on the other hand, looks at the far more powerful collective conscience of the family system as a whole, and its large and hidden effect upon you as an individual and your ability to live independently with the freedom to explore your personal goals.

These workshops offer amazing insights and often issues that remain unresolved after years of exploration on the personal level are resolved by the simple observation of family dynamics at the collective level. 

By uncovering events and unconscious entanglements that bind you to the past, you can become more 'in tune' with your family's collective conscience and a balance is restored to the family system. When this happens, and it often does, you can understand personal issues from a higher perspective and with greater clarity. Family Constellation Work enables you to move forward in your life with more freedom, flexibility and love.

 If you have a concern in your life that you would like to explore in greater depth, then we cannot recommend this workshop enough. Common issues that can be addressed by this work are parental issues to your parents or your children, work related problems, relationship issues and it can be significantly helpful in understanding the origins of mental and emotional illness. 


The Venue

Colomba Camden

31 Oval Rd, Camden Town, London NW1 7EA

5 minutes from Camden Town tube station


Colomba is studio in the sky in the heart of the hip and funky part of London; Camden Town. A versatile space, it’s a bit tricky to describe but easy to fall in love with.

What happens in a constellations session



The group sits in a circle/square and the clients takes a place beside Svagito. You are free to choose whether you want to work on an issue or whether you prefer to simply participate or observe the session. The client then simply shares a little information about a particular issue they have.  Not much information is needed. Svagito will then ask some factual questions about the structure of the family and any significant events that may have happened to members of the family.

Following this, the client is directed to choose certain members to represent their family members and place them standing in the 'energy field' (centre of the circle/square). What happens then is quite amazing, for in this work the collective conscience is unveiled to us as we watch a 'story' unfold and the family dynamics are revealed.

How does this happen? The representatives are asked to follow their 'impulse' to move and these movements are interpreted through our understanding of the 'laws' and the 'language' of movements (sometimes we call them movements of the soul). The 'story' will highlight imbalances within the family system and uncovers specific issues from the past that are directly influencing you today. These 'entanglements' may be related to people you are not even aware of, who are part of your family system. It is usual that even though the representatives do not know each other, the feelings and thoughts of the people they are representing are very similar to those of the actual family members. 

For the purpose of healing, we can see in the constellation where the destructive dynamic is hindering the natural 'order' and flow of love, and the family constellation can be modified to establish a new, more natural and healing balance for the whole system.  The newly established 'order' translates into the system of your actual family and great shifts can be seen within the family system as a result. 

By making the dynamics visible you are able to understand the past and feel a deep acceptance towards it. Through the acknowledgement of what is, you are able to move beyond the family and your way of relating becomes more open, conscious and flexible.

If you have not been to a family constellation event before, then I can only assure you of what a wonderful and in some ways mystical approach this method is.  It can only be fully understood by experience rather than mental reasoning and we would wholeheartedly invite you to experience it for yourself and be surprised by the insights and powerful love that is ultimately revealed by this unique method of therapy.

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Your assisting team

We are passionate about this work and we are here for you. Anything you need, let us know. With love,



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Author & Constellator

Some more info about the Dynamics of Family Constellations

Personal Conscience is something we are generally aware of. The collective conscience, however, is hidden and has far greater power to influence our actions in ways we are not aware of. The collective conscience operates within families and also within groups such as religions and countries. For example, a person can be unconsciously drawn to live in a certain country, even though it makes little sense. Or, a person may feel often very angry and act in a self-sabotaging way, without there being an obvious reason for this. The power of the collective can and often does make people do things against their of personal will.

The method used in family constellation have been developed over many years and was first developed by the German therapist Bert Hellinger. Since then, certain 'laws' have been observed that the collective conscience adopts. Suffering usually results when one or more of these laws is violated. By understanding these laws, and seeing the implications and intentions of the family system, the imbalance can be healed and the client is able to accept, honour and move forward in life with greater freedom.

1. The importance of Belonging

In a Family Constellation we observe that the collective conscience recognises that everybody who is part of a family has an equal right to be part of that family, regardless of who they are, their personal qualities or life-choices.

Problems arise when someone within the family system is not seen or acknowledged. In a Constellation it becomes clear if a family member is being 'excluded'. There are many reasons why this may be so and the constellation can highlight the circumstances surrounding it.  It may be that an ancestor was rejected for reasons relating to shame or perhaps the early death of a child was too painful and so not fully accepted by the family. Healing happens through witnessing the truth of what arises and by the including the family member back into the heart of the family. This can effect enormous healing for the present family as a whole.

When attending a session, you might ask yourself whether there are any family 'secrets' that may involve someone who isn't fully included either by you or previous generations or whether you or your parents have lost children at an early age, these events are usually of significance to the collective. Other events that have significance are traumatic events in the past such as those who died in war.

2. The need for Balance

On a personal level, we experience a sense of balance in our interactions with others. For example, when someone offers a gift to you, you are inclined to give in return and in contrast, if someone hurts you in someway, often there is an impulse to react in a way that balances the situation in some way.

A similar phenomenon occurs within the collective conscience, however, the collective has a far more powerful force that compels us not simply to address for our own actions or deeds, but often we are moved to atone for something that was done by a previous family member who did not take responsibility themselves. This means, negative acts that have entered the family system in the past that have not been atoned, will manifest in later generations.

Collective conscience may compel you, without knowing it, to balance something on behalf of a member of your family who, in all probability, you do not even know. Often the effects of war on family members in previous generations are observed to have great effect on present generations, even in a time of peace.

3. The Law of Order

In Family Constellation, we use ‘order’ as a way of describing a certain sequence and precedence of the chronological line. Knowing who came before whom defines a persons position within the family and when this order is observed, a sense of ease and relaxation arises in the family system. 

The order can be seen within a constellation in the way the representatives stand in relation to each other. When there is balance, parents stand first and are then joined by their children, according to their age, with the oldest child standing closest to the parents. It can therefore easily be seen when members in a family constellation are not standing according to their position within the family system and when this is so, a tension is observed and the imbalance is usually rooted in an event that occurred in the past.

For example, a daughter who stands next to her father suggests that the daughter is taking the role of her mother which is not the 'right' order and the family system as a whole feels the discomfort. Due to some imbalance in the family system, she may behave towards father like a partner and not like a child, which can have impact upon her relationships in life. These unresolved family entanglements require changes in the positioning of family members to discover a more harmonious arrangement and this has an immediate positive effect on the relating between family members in the present family.

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