If you are feeling stressed, anxious or overwhelmed by the challenges in your life right now then I want you to know, there is a way through. I support you in reconnecting with your own truth, strength and the body's inner wisdom so that you begin to feel more confident, more at peace within yourself and know with more certainty what's getting in the way and how to overcome it.

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Everyone experiences difficulty at some time in their lives. Sometimes we might feel anxious, depressed, lacking in motivation or confidence. Sometimes our private pain can be overwhelming and we lose hope that things will get better. In truth, no-one escapes from feeling pain or stress. Even seemingly simple troubles, the boss at work or the mother-in-law, can rob us of our ability to be fully alive and happy. Sharing with someone who has no pre-conceived ideas about you can be a tremendous resource. I provide you with a safe, non-judgemental and loving space to simply BE yourself.

Meditative Counselling

Though I am a certified counsellor, Meditative Counselling is a distinctly different approach to most therapeutic counselling, which usually start from the point of view that you have a problem and something needs to be 'fixed'. In meditative counselling we begin with the understanding that you are in fact a healthy and whole human being who has perhaps, momentarily, lost touch with the strength and qualities you possess. When you reconnect to those aspects of yourself, it becomes easier then to see what gets in the way and causes you to lose touch with yourself and your happiness. From a place of strength and support, you will uncover the source of your problems and know exactly what you can do to create a positive and sustainable change for the better.



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About the Sessions

In life, we often want to avoid feeling pain and discomfort, I mean, who doesn't want to avoid pain? It's natural. However, as a result, the mind often create means with which to distract itself and fill the void. When we do this, we can begin to lose touch with ourselves, with our real needs and desires and often our attempts to numb out the pain - such as TV binging, workaholism, alcohol - to name just a few - can also numb our ability to feel joy and the wonderful qualities we possess.

Past hurts and conditionings will surface from time to time, and can cloud your experience of life and can keep you locked in a cycle of anxiety and fear. Meditative Counselling offers a simple but very power tool for self-discovery. It is a very gentle and guided technique that shines light on your unconscious beliefs, patterns and behaviours that prevent you from being truly present and happy in your life today. 

The session is rooted in a technique called gestalt therapy. In gestalt work we create a 'dialogue' between conflicted thoughts you may have surrounding an issue, paying attention to the subtle responses of the body as each moment unfolds. With this approach we can by-pass the mind's tendency to get lost in negative and habitual thinking, which is often overwhelming and unhelpful, and see instead what lies beneath the surface and 'experience' our 'inner truth'. In meditative counselling, the body is our anchor and our means to healing. The insights that arise slowly and without effort from a place of mindful awareness, have the power to affect a far greater shift than rational understanding may ever do.

Meditative Counselling can be applied to any issue that presents in your life. It is especially ideal for issues that are reoccurring in life or surrounding your relating; be that a love relationship or your relating with friends, work colleagues, the boss or the mother-in-law. This technique is not a long-term therapeutic discovery or psychoanalysis. It offers you experiential insight and healing and more importantly, connects you to your own ability to strengthen and support yourself through all of life's challenges. 



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When is it right for you?

When there's no-one to talk to

We can sometimes withdraw when we feel down. It’s as if we want to go into a cave and hide. Though talking to friends can help, often their are times when we want to keep things private and sometimes well-meaning advice can actually cause added stress. But withdrawal can also lead to feeling isolated and without support. When you sense you miss someone to talk to, honour your intuition and know that you probably do.

When the pain is too much

Pain is not anything any of us wants to feel. We may try to hide from it, run away from it, or mask it so that it may be temporarily subdued. But in time, if unresolved, whatever is causing the pain will rear its ugly head again. Meditative counselling will help you to ease the conflicts within you and free you from the limiting beliefs they tend to create.

When nothing else is working

We all do our best to overcome issues, sometimes we change our situation, change our relationship or try to change others. When you see attempts to 'make things better' fail again and again, meditative counselling can help you find new solutions that you may never have even thought of. It is a wonderful way tap into the hidden depths of your own resources. By focussing on these, more so that the 'issue', by and by, the 'issue' resolves with little effort or added stress.



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Things you might want to explore



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About Me

I'm going to be honest with you. I didn't always have it all figured out, and even now I still don't. But what I have is a loving relationship towards myself and a way of processing the challenges in my life with strength and equanimity. 


 I used be plagued by awful self-depreciating thoughts. I'd go to bed on a night and my mind wouldn't shut up. On the outside, everything looked great, I was successful and talented but inside I felt overwhelmed and increasingly unable cope with life.


I didn't know who to turn to and I didn't want to be a burden to others and so for a long time I suffered in silence. My life changed 20 years ago following a profound meditative experience, literally I changed from night to day. I've spent the past 17 years travelling throughout the world, meeting world leaders in personal transformation and training in many techniques, including counselling, trauma healing, breath-work, energy work, primal therapy, family constellations to name but a few. 


You don't have to do any of this, because in the end, what I came to understand was that the path to self-realisation, recovery from stress, trauma or overwhelming challenges in life can be found in one place; that place is within you. And when you reconnect with this space, the 'right' path will show itself and you will have all the strength you need to honour your own individuality, needs and desires.




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I'm here for you.

You now have a decision in front of you. What will you decide?


Will you give yourself this gift of time and space devoted just to you and your well-being? Will you make a change, take a risk, try a new approach? Or, will you wait and think about it...

Imagine for a moment, you have a full awareness of yourself, you have genuine, experiential insight into the issues you face and you know how to get past them. Imagine, you are comfortable in your own skin and relate easily to others, having a clearer sense of your own boundaries, of what you want and need. Imagine, that you begin to smile more, enjoy life more, get excited about what tomorrow brings. Imagine it is possible to heal, to live freely and to love who you are and the life you live ...


And remember, change always happens NOW...

I'm willing to go on that journey with you...

Are you willing to take the next step?



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