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LIVE ONLINE 8 Weeks Mindfulness-Based Personal Development

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every Wednesday evening for 8 weeks

This is my original Stress Recovery Retreat redesigned to bring it Live Online so that you can take this journey with me in the comfort of your home, office or perhaps even the park!!  For this reason, numbers are limited to keep the course fully interactive and I can give everyone the attention and coaching they deserve.

Consecutive Wednesdays at these times:

London 18:00 / New York   13:00 / Vancouver 11:00 / Los Angeles 10:00

Wednesday LIVE Online MBPD
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This offer will soon be gone... & once this offer is gone, it's gone!

More Information: 

The Mindfulness-Based Personal Development program is specifically designed for stressed-out professionals who could do with a bit of support and want to experience personal development but don't like the idea of psychotherapy! 

If someone could wave a magic wand right now and give you a lasting feeling of freedom, clarity and confidence, what would that be worth you?

What would your life look like if you weren't weighed down with stress, if your head wasn't foggy with mind-mud. How would it feel to have more clarity, more certainty and freedom to Say YES to Yourself?

Find Out...


If you're like the hundreds of clients I've counselled, right now you probably feel that there's something in your life or at work that just isn't quite right and you're unsure of what you can do to get the clarity you need to make a change for the better...

Maybe you hide your worries and your stress and just keep going, juggling all the balls in the air and hoping you don't drop them.

Maybe you reach for the bottle at the end of every day, just to help you unwind, or you zone-out by TV binging because you're just too tired to think, especially about problems.... until you get to bed, and the mind kicks in and that's another night you didn't get enough rest. Am I right?



This course is a resource and support from someone who's been there and knows a way out of the mind-trap. It gives you a simple, insightful way to shine a light on what's going on, so that you can get some clarity. Clarity is key. 

Most mindfulness-based courses simply give meditation instructions and leave you alone to figure it out for yourself. I've known so many people just quit it because they don't have the back-up when things 'come up' or the meditations they learn don't suit their unique personalities or active lifestyles. Sitting down still can be a nightmare for someone with a mind that simply won't shut up. I give you back up and choices so that you can find something that resonates with you. To be honest, I also don't resonate with that 'serious quiet' mood that seems to be the norm in mindfulness teachings. Actually, the most healing quality to me is humour and joy and so I like to welcome both as a balance to coming in touch with the challenging aspects of personal reflection... so you can feel free to come exactly as you are, however that shows up for you.



So often in life we put our personal wellbeing to the back of the queue. But really, how much is your happiness worth to you? With the right approach and with specific guidance, you can quieten that voice in your head. Through self-reflective exercises, homework and practice you begin to reconnect with the essence of who you really are and see what make you tick and what's supportive to you. Starting first with the body, you'll explore it's subtle messages and gain more trust in your gut instincts so you can make decisions that you know are right for you. And, you'll explore your own boundaries and learn to express you needs and wants in a way that's not triggering, so that you become more self-empowered and fulfilled.



When you join the LIVE ONLINE Stress Recovery Course you'll meet me a small group of friends who are taking the journey with you. You'll get direct coaching from me and be guided through a step-by-step process towards reclaiming your freedom... freedom to be yourself, freedom to express yourself and freedom to choose what's right for you. You'll learn how to support yourself when times get tough, how to create healthy boundaries and how to drop confusion so that your energy isn't getting dragged down by the mind-mud. You'll also look at your needs and wants and begin to mark out of path to follow that will guide you towards creating a life that you love, whilst loving the life that you live.

Sound Good?

Wednesday LIVE Online MBPD
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  • Weekly Live Online webinars that are fully interactive within a small group so that you have one-to-one coaching and be supported within the group. You will need video camera and internet access.

  • Outlining of weekly teachings that will often include guided exercises or mindful awareness meditations to give you experiential learning. Followed by open-format for more response feedback and questions.

  • You are given a lesson journal with weekly assignments and daily mindfulness practices that will help you to gain insight into your unique qualities and the unconscious beliefs you hold that hold you back from living life with totality.

  • Access to an Exclusive and private members forum that enables you to remain connected with your fellow freedom fighters. This can be an invaluable resource as you begin to implement change in your life and/or your work.

  • You will have a daily mindful awareness practice of a minimum of 15 minutes. I'll also introduce a variety of meditations that are well-suited for the very active western-mind. You'll soon find the right meditation for you that will fit perfectly into your life.

  • This course is grounded in practices derived from different meditative counselling approaches. You will be given additional downloadable reading materials inline with key teachings that help support your understanding.


  • You'll be able to quieten that never-ending flow of negative thoughts and self-doubt

  • You'll cope better with stress, pain, and the challenges of everyday life

  • You'll find yourself being more confident, comfortable in your own skin

  • You'll make decisions that are right for you

  • You'll find inner strength so that you can deal with the challenges in your life

  • You'll relate more easily to others and have clearer boundaries

  • You'll begin to value your individuality and see your strengths and qualities

  • You'll be able to sleep well and wake up feeling more energised and ready to go

  • You'll have a clearer sense of what you want and your purpose in life

  • You'll feel happier, more relaxed

  • You won't feel like life is 'happening to you' but instead you'll feel more in control

And it will be so easy, you'll be kicking yourself for not doing it sooner.

Wednesday LIVE Online MBPD
Yes! I want to attend this training!


For a short time only, I'm offering this course at a knock-down price. 

Full disclosure here: This next course will be a pilot run of my work in an online format rather than in a live workshop. The workshop has the same elements and in my view, far more informative and supportive as the group remains connected throughout for continual support. The big change is we are meeting in a private virtual online meeting room... that is fully interactive... and you'll need video and sound! 

That's why I'm keeping numbers small... the same size as my workshops... so you get the same experience and get to ask me anything you want and share as little or as much as what feels good to you... I might also ask for some constructive feedback too if that's ok.

So... Once these places for the pilot are gone, they are gone... I'm not just saying that : )

... the price will revert to the full price as advertised.

So ... Now is the time... (actually, Now is always the time, but you know what I mean : )...

If you truly want to overcome the stresses in your life and live with a greater sense of freedom... give this gift to yourself...

click on the link below, make your payment and you'll receive a link with 3-Step Registration instructions... 

... I'm sure you will not regret it!...

Grab the special offer Now!

Wednesday LIVE Online MBPD
Yes! I want to attend this training!