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LIVE ONLINE 12 Weeks Mindful Leadership Program

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Avoid the biggest mistakes that Leaders make when managing their teams and develop the qualities within you that will inspire trust, commitment & loyalty by reconnecting to your authentic self, relating from a place of confidence and conscious awareness, resonating with positive energy and communicating a vision that is inline with your values and greater purpose.

Consecutive Thursdays at these times:

London 18:00 / New York   13:00 / Vancouver 11:00 / Los Angeles 10:00

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Limited Places available... So once they are gone they are gone!

Imagine what would become possible for you if you knew exactly what to do in any situation, could handle any crisis, could see things from a broader perspective and get all the  information you need to make sound decisions? How would if feel to always show up as the best version yourself? That you always speak your mind, with strength and grace and without alienating anyone? Imagine what would be possible if you could truly touch the hearts and minds of those you lead and people around you were energised and excited to be with you? How would it be for you if the pressure, the people or the politics at work were no longer an issue...

sounds impossible?

Well I did it, and so can you... and the way to this point is not as hard as you might think...

Are you ready to make this a reality ?

About the Program:



You are a leader who has the courage to explore new insights and means to transform your Self, your Life & your Business. You are challenged by limited resources, unmotivated colleagues, pressure to perform and corporate politics often slows down your effort and the real possibility of any significant change. You are inspired to shake things up and want to ground yourself with all the facts so that you can create a lasting impact on you and those around you.



Five key ingredients are critical to create effective, lasting change; a vision, self-awareness, a learning agenda, practice & support from trusted relationships.  When one of these is missing, you work ten times harder for one tenth of the result. This coaching provides you will all of these whilst teaching you how to develop this critical culture within your own organisation.



You will take off the corporate straight-jacket, become free from limitations - the biggest of which you place upon yourself, release the pressure valve and reconnect with your own authentic Power of Presence so that you build resilience and increase your awareness and get the tools and 'know how' you need to create a culture of collaboration and a team that is inspired by your compassion, vision and trust.



The Mindful Leadership Program is a 12-step weekly coaching program that guides you in developing the key qualities that exist within you that all of truly GREAT leaders have. Firstly, the focus is on you - becoming self-aware, self-responsible and self-empowered. Secondly, the focus is on others - the way you relate and show up in the world and how you can build supportive relationships. Lastly, the focus is on vision - creating a vision in line with your purpose and your values.


This isn't simply a mindfulness training that, as a by-product, helps your leadership style. After 20 years of experience in the corporate world I understand the pressures and demands that are placed upon you. I know that you have no time to 'space out' and need something that's grounded and practical. I take what was once known only as spiritual practice, and bring it into your world, using your language and make it relevant to your experience. I have integrated the very latest research in Leadership and Neuroscience so that you can be left in no doubt what change is possible and how to make it happen.

If you think mindfulness is all about silently sitting still for hours on end, you are in for a surprise. Far from simply watching thoughts roll about in your head, this course is adapted specifically for the super-charged 'Western' mind. It is brave and bold and will ease your tensions, awaken your life energy and help you to feel fully engaged in work and life. 

 With this course, you get personal guidance in many specific techniques. I show you exactly what to do and explain what is happening, so there is no uncertainty or frustration and you get constant feedback from myself and your peers as you progress through the course. If you need added support, you can also book single individual sessions with me anytime.

Thursdays LIVE Online - Mindful Leadership Program
722.00 1,444.00
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Thursdays LIVE Online - Mindful Leadership Program
722.00 1,444.00
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Thursdays LIVE Online - Mindful Leadership Program
722.00 1,444.00
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Sound Good?

Join my next course, Live Online...

Thursdays LIVE Online - Mindful Leadership Program
722.00 1,444.00
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How would it feel to be comfortable in your own skin, sure of your direction, armed with the tools that make real and lasting change possible?

How would it feel work within an atmosphere of trust, where you can lose the corporate straight-jack and simply be yourself?

How would things change for you if you knew what truly inspires and engages people and you knew how to draw out the talents of your team?

And how would that affect the bottom line?

Change begins Now...

Though please note; I'm committed to facilitating sustainable transformation to my clients, and this is only possible by your commitment to practice the assignments and integrate the learnings into real life. You will join me weekly online for 12 weeks for 1.5 hours. Your choice to attend may mean that something else is sacrificed... and so question yourself...

How much time is it worth to you to step into your full power as a leader?

If you are ready to Step Up and discover something that will change your experience of leadership and your life forever the...


... & Book Now. As I said before, places are limited and once they are gone they gone, that's not a line...

: )

Thursdays LIVE Online - Mindful Leadership Program
722.00 1,444.00
Yes! I want to Book this training!