For stressed-out professionals with an open mind and a desire for freedom!

Recover from stress, anxiety and burn-out by reconnecting to your body, processing your emotions effectively and building healthier boundaries. In these weeks you’ll regain your strength, feel more relaxed and in control, sleep like a baby and start speaking your mind without losing your focus… or your cool..

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designed for stressed-out professionals

Everyone in life goes through times of stress and conflict, it’s normal. But often it’s hard to ask for support or you don’t know perhaps what the ‘right’ support would be. I’ve met thousands of people who struggle in silence, hoping that change will happen by itself and sinking further and further into long term, low-level depression as a result. There are many sources of ‘help’ out there… and after years of experience in many approaches to therapy, I want to share with you something I know works…

… this course isn’t psychotherapy… and yet I do offer you the same scientific insight into the workings of the mind…

… it isn’t simply a meditation program… because for many, the thought of sitting still for even 5 minutes can be daunting and meditation alone can sometimes bring up overwhelming feelings…

… what I offer is a bridge… a bridge between therapy and meditation

… safe space to reconnect with yourself, where we can stop running away from ourselves, unravel the pain and resistance you feel to life and find rest and a peaceful relationship to the present moment. In this space, without the drive to fix or change yourself, change happens of itself. Your doubts, desires and past hurts are not blocks that need to be fixed, but rather a call for you to return back to yourself, to reconnect with your true essential strengths and qualities.

… In this course you hit the pause button, and in a guided way you can check-in, readdress and reevaluate. You can question and receive answers and you can give yourself permission to be exactly as you.

This course comes with a full guarantee so that you can try it out completely risk-free.

So try it out. Sign up today!

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This course is a resource and support from someone who's been where you are now and knows a way out of psychological and emotional stress. For 8 weeks you’ll have the opportunity to meet me LIVE ONLINE to explore more deeply the internal chattering of your mind, to give space to your needs and wants and be supported in a process of healing and recovery from stressful or painful situations that are presenting in your life.

I am not a guru. I am just like you. I have experienced deep, shattering emotional pain, worked through suicidal depression and uncovered my own deeply rooted feelings of shame and worthlessness. On the outside, you wouldn’t have know this. I was a high-achiever and climbed the ladder in the corporate world, all the while, plagued by self-doubt and a fear. My own journey to finding peace within and a love for myself, came in an unusual way, and I’ll share that with you too…

But for you… this course gives you a safe, experiential way to shine a light on what's really going on for you and how you begin to make decisions that are right for you. Through self-reflective exercises, homework and practice you begin to reconnect with the essence of who you really are and see what make you tick and what's most supportive for you. Here you can explore the messy world of mind and emotions, of head versus heart, of fears and desires… and find insight, balance and the skills to navigate life in a more self-loving and healthy way.

Most mindfulness-based courses simply give meditation instructions and leave you alone to figure it out for yourself. I've known so many people just quit it because they don't have the back-up when things 'come up' or the meditations they learn don't suit their unique personalities or active lifestyles. Sitting down still can be a nightmare for someone with a mind that simply won't shut up. I take the time to guide you through the stuff that ‘comes up’ and offer therapeutic techniques that help the mind to process events rather than simply understand them.

Conventional therapy in itself is missing something… it misses the ultimate escape route. For years people can get trapped in digging up endless problems without real resolution. Ultimately, escape from mental suffering can only be lasting when we release ourselves from the grip of mind’s relentless analysis.

So often in life we put our personal wellbeing to the back of the queue. But really, how much is your happiness worth to you? Come join me… together we’ll find that place of balance and resource.

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When you join the LIVE ONLINE Personal Development Program you'll meet me a small group of friends who are taking the journey with you. You'll get direct coaching from me and be guided through a step-by-step process towards reclaiming your freedom... freedom to be yourself, freedom to express yourself and freedom to choose what's right for you.

  • You'll learn how to support yourself better, physically, emotionally, practically so that you can better handle situations when times get tough

  • You’ll know how to create healthy boundaries so that your relationships begin to improve, heal and even flourish

  • You’ll be able to drop confusion so that your energy isn't getting dragged down in incessant thinking so that you can think more clearly and make better decisions that are truly right for you.

  • You'll also look at your needs and wants and begin to mark out of path to follow so that you can begin to create a life that you love, whilst learning to love the life that you are living right now.


Sound Good?

Yes! I want to attend this training!


Yes! I want to attend this training!


  • You'll be able to quieten that never-ending flow of negative thoughts and self-doubt

  • You'll cope better with stress, pain, and the challenges of everyday life

  • You'll find yourself being more confident, comfortable in your own skin

  • You'll make decisions that are right for you

  • You'll find inner strength so that you can deal with the challenges in your life

  • You'll relate more easily to others and have clearer boundaries

  • You'll begin to value your individuality and see your strengths and qualities

  • You'll be able to sleep well and wake up feeling more energised and ready to go

  • You'll have a clearer sense of what you want and your purpose in life

  • You'll feel happier, more relaxed

  • You won't feel like life is 'happening to you' but instead you'll feel more fully in control

And it will be so easy, you'll be kicking yourself for not doing it sooner.

Yes! I want to attend this training!


For a short time only, I'm offering this course at a knock-down price. 

Full disclosure here: These courses are a pilot run of my work in an online format rather than in a live workshop. The structure is the same, it's just we'll be meeting in a private virtual online workshop that is fully interactive... so, you'll need video and sound! 

That's why I'm keeping numbers small... the same size as my workshops... so you get the same experience from the comfort of your home (or office) and get to ask me anything you want and share as little or as much as what feels good for you.

Once these places for the pilot are gone, they are gone... 

... the price will switch to the full price.

So Now is the time... actually, Now is always the time, but you know what I mean : )...

If you want to overcome the stresses in your life and live with a greater sense of freedom, give this gift to yourself

Simply click on the date you wish to start below...

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